How to Prepare Your Dog for Their First Visit to the Groomers

    Routine grooming is about more than just having an attractive pet. In addition to keeping up your furry friend’s appearance, good grooming practices are essential for maintaining your pet’s health and cleanliness. If you’re the proud owner of a loveable pup, you may want to consider visiting a professional groomer sooner rather than later.


    Here are five tips to help make your pooch’s first visit as stress free as possible:


    1. Adopt good grooming habits at home.

    It’s important to regularly brush and bathe your dog at home so it won’t be frightened or agitated when faced with the same type of care at the groomer’s. Make sure your dog feels comfortable having its face, ears, paws and mouth touched by gently cleaning these areas on a regular basis. Prioritizing your pet’s hygiene from an early age will get it accustomed to this type of routine handling and facilitate visits to the groomer’s. 


    2. Connect grooming to a positive experience.

    As you gently brush your dog’s teeth, clean its ears and massage shampoo into its fur coat, shower your pup with words of praise and affection so that it connects a visit to the dog groomer to a positive experience. Reward your pup’s good conduct with treats. Remember, positive reinforcement increases the likelihood of good behaviour in the future. 


    3. Train your dog to be obedient.

    Groomers appreciate it when dogs have received proper obedience training and can respond to basic commands like “sit,” “stay” and “lie down.” An obedient dog makes the grooming visit easier (and safer!) for everybody involved. A restless pooch has a greater chance of getting accidently nipped with grooming shears or clippers than a calm and compliant pup. 


    4. Introduce your furry friend to other dogs.

    Early socialization is important for good doggy behaviour. Your pooch will come into contact with a number of dogs—big and small—while at the pet salon. If your dog isn’t used to being around other canines, it may feel defensive and growl, bark or provoke others around it. Bad doggy manners can throw the whole grooming salon into chaos and interfere with other clients’ appointments. 


    5. Choose your groomer wisely.

    Lastly, you want to make sure your groomer is well trained to handle your pet’s specific needs in a safe and orderly environment. Ask other pet owners for recommendations and drop by the doggy salon prior to scheduling your first appointment to make sure your trusted companion will be left in good hands. If your dog is sometimes fearful or agitated, be transparent with the groomer and make sure he or she is qualified to handle your pup’s special needs.


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