B-Pro Grooming Provides a Safe, Clean Environment

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Cages Help Control Germs and Parasites

Not only do cages control behaviour of all pets, but germs and parasites cannot travel as easily. Vets are not strangers to cages as they use them for the same reason. As long as the cages provide ample room, pets feel safe and sleep happily between procedures. No dog is left in a cage to dry. Burns can occur this way.

B-Pro Grooming does not feel that cages are bad for a dog. Actually, cages are a safe and sterile way to care for your pets. It is common knowledge that dogs are often attacked by other dogs in dog parks and daycares because they are not caged. In the wild, dogs and cats were born in caves. Therefore, cages are a better and safer way to care for pets as they feel more secure in a cave-like environment.


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