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If you love animals and would like to help care for them, this is an ideal career path for you and we are proud to provide you with this educational opportunity. As you work toward receiving your dog grooming diploma in Brampton, you will learn about grooming basics, grooming procedures, managing animal behaviour, and styling techniques. Styling is a very important part of the course, and you will learn the art of hand scissoring as well as hand brushing. 


You will also be taught how to properly care for and handle all types of dogs while learning to watch for diseases, skin conditions and other health issues that may be presenting symptoms that you can identify and draw attention to so the animal can receive treatment. For more information on what you will be learning, please read our detailed course presentation.

B-Pro Dog Grooming offers you the ability to groom up to 5 dogs a day, selected from these different groups:
  • Sporting dogs

  • Hounds

  • Working dogs

  • Terriers

  • Toys

  • Non-sporting dogs

  • Herding dogs

  • Misc. classes & cats

Students graduating from this specialized course are highly sought after, often obtaining jobs even before graduation or starting their own business soon after.
You can read a success story about one of our past students here. We are confident that you too will become another one of our many success stories! If you have any questions about our course or academy, please contact us. We will be happy to help you!
You will learn how to provide quality service with a personal touch!

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Interview Times 9:00 AM-Noon

Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Course Fee : $9250.00 for 36 weeks + $2000.00 equipment

Application Fee : $250.00


  • Own equipment required plus uniform

  • Tuition fees are tax deductible

  • Completion diploma included

Established in 1995, B-Pro Dog Grooming Academy opened as the first school of its kind in Ontario. We are registered as a private career college under the Private Career College Act, 2005. After completing our course and earning a dog grooming diploma in Brampton, you can go on to seek employment at a variety of veterinary clinics, pet stores or pet grooming centres.

You may even wish to start your own grooming business! There will be many employment opportunities open to you, and we can teach you the skills you need to succeed in this career.

The course is taught by Barbara Hodgkinson, a certified Master Groomer who has more than 40 years of experience.
Barbara and our assistant instructors are all dedicated to helping students reach their career goals and become caring, experienced professionals in this field.
All of the supplies required for this course are provided with the tuition fee. We invite you to read a letter from your instructor and stop in for an interview at your earliest convenience. No appointment is needed!

To qualify for the B-Pro Dog Grooming Academy, prospective students must have:

  • Grade 12 high school diploma
  • Up-to-date resume

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